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Tips for Raking your Leaves this Fall


Beautiful now, but not so beautiful on your lawn! Learn some key tips for raking leaves off your lawn.

Fall is here and pretty soon the leaves will start changing colors, creating beautiful scenes all around the area. However, shortly after that, they will start falling down to your lawn, creating one of the most aggravating chores of the fall season. It is important to rake your leaves in the autumn because they can be a haven for mold, ruining your lawn in the springtime. Here are some key tips for preparing your yard for raking.

Keep Mowing Your Lawn

You should continue to mow your lawn until the first frost of the season.  This ensures that your grass stays strong and healthy. Remove the leaves from your lawn when the grass stops growing.

Don’t Put it Off

Fallen leaves can be magnets for mold growth and pests. In addition, they could deprive your grass of sunlight essential during the fall months and weaken their root systems. Thus it is important to start removing your leaves as soon as possible and not procrastinate.

Be Sure to Check your Drains

If your yard is close to a street storm drain, check that area for leaves and remove if needed. Leaves clustered around storm drains can block drainage during storms and snow melting, which could result in flooding on your lawn and street.

Be Aware of your Local Regulations

Your local government may have a plan for disposing of leaves in your area. Some places ask residents to place their leaves at the curb in paper bags for collection. Others only require they be placed in a pile at the curb for municipal vacuums.

Alternatives to Raking and Bagging

You could reuse your leaves as mulch for your grass! Mulch them using a lawnmower and spread around your lawn. Take care not to mulch up against trees, as the mulch can attract insects and cause serious problems for your trees.

Get Help if You Need It!

If you have a large property or have trouble with a bad back or other health issues, hiring professionals is a good idea! Atlantic Maintenance Group has extensive experience with leaf removal and we can get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Get In Touch With Atlantic Maintenance Group Today

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