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Tips to Help You Choose the Right Interior Paint Color


Yes, design and decoration have a lot to do with how a room looks and feels–but the paint color is the base. It’s what will dictate what you put in a room.

Whenever you browse through an interior magazine, or check Houzz for inspiration on your next interior painting project, you may be wondering, “How can I get my home looking like an IKEA model?”  Look no further!  It’s all about color scheme.  Yes, design and decoration have a lot to do with how a room looks and feels–but the paint color is the base.  It’s what will dictate what you put in a room.  If you haven’t thought about the color wheel since grade school art class, read on to find out which color will be right for your space.

1. Think about spaces.


Smaller rooms–powder rooms, some bedrooms, the occasional office–need lighter colors to feel open.  It’s already going to feel tiny, and adding a color that is darker than it needs to be is only going to make the space feel more cramped.  Lighter hues with low intensity are going to make your room feel spacious.  Try something like white, which is fool-proof, or lighter greens and creams.


2. Test out colors you aren’t sure of.


If you want to go bold with a fire engine red, or a dark olive green, test it first on a large section of the wall.  This just allows you to get a feel of the color.  Sometimes, too bright can mean too distracting.  But, it can also make a statement and keep you interested in the color longer.  This can work especially well in bedrooms, where it’s all about personalization.  Yes, there are hot pinks that will complement a room–you just have to test them first.


3. Go monochromatic.


To use one color to its advantage, pick different shades and use them on various surfaces.  For example, if you’re going for a blue color scheme, try a deep navy on window frames and base trim.  The walls can be a light periwinkle, and you can add darker aspects in accents or decorations.  This means the room can use your favorite color without becoming boring!  And, you may be able to mix leftover paint together to make color for smaller areas.


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