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Top 3 Landscaping Maintenance Tips For Fall

Top 3 Landscaping Maintenance Tips For Fall Atlantic Maintenance
Before you start preparing for fall by decorating with fall and Halloween items around your home, you must give your lawn the proper care.

Are you in need of landscaping maintenance? Well, fall is the perfect time to keep up with your yard, especially if you want to prepare for the winter. You see, fall is more than just bright colored leaves falling. It’s also the perfect time to start early on ard work before you have to pull, remove your beautiful flowers, and clean up for the winter. Here are the top three landscaping maintenance tips you should consider just in time for the fall season without further ado.

Give Your Lawn Effective Care

Before you start preparing for fall by decorating with fall and Halloween items around your home, you must give your lawn the proper care. Doing so will help prepare your soil and grass for the freezing winter. Then, when the weather is nice out again, you can expect your lawn to be nice and healthy. 

You’ll want to start by first removing any weeds so that your grass will be able to retain water. Be sure to test the soil as well so that it remains at a healthy pH level. Lastly, you want to make sure you rake any leaves; however, if you’re going to speed up the process, you should use a lawnmower. Raking leaves can help save you from the trouble and mess from getting rid of them when it’s cold and snowing out. 

Apply Fertilizer

It’s critical to know that your grass will undergo an overseeding process right before fall starts. You see, by using the perfect technique, you can naturally accomplish having the ideal grass for the spring season.  

Typically, you’ll want to start applying fertilizer to your grass because your lawn is most active during the fall season. The fertilizer will give your grass all the necessary nutrients it needs and help the roots recover from the previous summer heat. 

Be Sure To Still Plant

Although the temperature will drop during the fall season, you want to ensure that you’re still planting. Planting will help your plants grow nice and beautifully for when spring rolls around. You may be surprised to learn that some plants even grow better in the winter, so be sure to keep up with planting in the fall.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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