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Top Late-Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer might be coming to an end but there are still some essential lawn care tasks that need to be completed.

There really is no doubt that the summer heat can truly end up taking a massive toll on your lawn. In fact, Watering too much or too little, not mowing properly, ignoring the early signs of insects and bugs — it can all wreak havoc on your turf. Therefore, taking the proper measures initially can increase the chances your lawn looks great — even during the brutal summer heatwaves that come through the mid-Atlantic. Here are some of the key tips to ensure your lawn looks great despite the heat.

Proper Mowing Height

Mowing your lawn is integral to its health. However, with that, there comes a certain length that is optimal to ensure your yard looks great in the summer heat. In fact, in the summer, it’s critical that you allow your mower to leave the grass a bit longer than you might otherwise cut it. Taller grass will provide shade to the soil thereby keeping it from getting too much sun and drying out. It’ll also prevent weeds from creeping up in your lawn. Mowing frequently is key — just make sure you keep the grass taller to protect your lawn overall.

Effective And Efficient Watering

For some of the healthiest grass, there is nothing better than proper watering. In fact, watering your lawn deeply and infrequently is the best way to ensure your lawn looks great and stays healthy.

Keep An Eye Out For Insects And Disease

Having a lawn requires constant maintenance. In fact, being watchful of any signs of insects or disease is crucial. You’ll want to avoid any lawn issues from getting out of hand by tackling them as soon as you see them. Insects and diseases can end up destroying your lawn — and quickly. Avoid any devastation by keeping a good watch on any potential signs of insects or a possible disease.

Clean Up After Your Pups

If you have any little furry friends living in your home, make sure you clean up after them. In fact, your pets can end up causing dead spots in your grass which can leave it looking less than perfect. Avoid this by simply cleaning up after your dog to stave off these dead spots and provide a way for your lawn to look wonderful and stay healthy amid the summer heat.

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