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Water Features that Augment Your Beautiful Landscape

Water Features that Augment Your Beautiful Landscape

Here are some of the best water features you can use to augment your landscape!

Your backyard landscape can take many different forms. It can be a beautiful set piece that provides a great backdrop from within the home. It can be very practically designed to allow outdoor living during the spring, summer, and early fall. Many homeowners are even turning their backyards into their own personal oasis, where they can retreat and relax away from the chaos of the outside world. One of the best ways to do this is with the addition of water features. They create a calm, peaceful environment that everyone can appreciate, and most require very little extra maintenance apart from your current landscape maintenance plan. Here are some of the best water features you can use to augment your landscape!


A pond brings a little bit of nature into your backyard and really does a lot to contribute to the feeling of the backyard being your personal oasis. Many homeowners cultivate koi ponds – these are great conversation starters when you do have friends and family over, and kids can even learn a little bit about nature and ecosystems this way.


Sound goes a long way in making a landscape feel calm, and waterfalls add quite a bit in this regard. The sound of water over rocks or other formations in the backyard is very peaceful. In addition, many waterfalls are designed with convenience in mind – the water is fed into the falls through a pump which recirculates through the system. An autofill system ensures you never need to refill the source either.


Fountains combine the beauty of the pond with the serenity of the waterfall to create a showpiece in your backyard. These are ideal for homeowners who want something to show off to visitors, yet they can still enjoy it when the house is empty! Fountains can be integrated into any landscape, while lighting features help bring them to the forefront of the design.

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