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The Role of Water in Garden and Landscaping Care

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Water is an essential part of landscaping care!

Water comprises the vast majority of the Earth, and every living organism is primarily composed of it. Every living thing relies on water in some shape or form to survive, and plants are probably the most obvious example. Plants need lots of water to grow and thrive; without it, they will quickly wilt and die. As such, keeping your garden landscaping care up will require a lot of water, especially in the upcoming humid hot months of July and August here in Maryland. In order to maintain proper landscaping care, it’s important to understand the role water plays in everyday life and the design of your landscaping. Want to learn more specifics on how water affects your garden? Read this blog for help.

How Water and Plants Work

Plants rely on water to grow and stay healthy. Water is essential to the three main operating functions of plants: photosynthesis, transpiration, and distribution of nutrients. Photosynthesis is essentially how plants eat. It is a process in which plants convert sunlight into energy, which is then used to create water-based carbohydrates, which the plants use as their power. Transpiration is something similar to human or animal perspiration or sweating. The only difference is that plants lose their excess water in the form of vapor through their leaves, which both rid the plant of excess water and also cool down the surrounding temperature, which prevents overheating. Lastly, there is nutrient creation from the soil, which is kickstarted by the water surrounding the roots of the plant.

How to Water Your Plants During Landscaping Care

Watering your plants often is an essential part of garden and landscaping care. But, it’s also important to note what plants need water and what do not at any given time. For example, cactus plants and succulents are used in environments where water is scarce, and such have developed ways to store water for long periods of time. This means that you do not need to water these plants nearly as much as others when doing your landscaping care routine. The time of year also affects the watering schedule. For instance, the fall is when annual plants prepare for long hibernation and strengthen their roots under the ground. Fall is actually a crucial time for watering plants, especially in the early months. The best way to find out which plants will need more watering in your landscaping care routine is by researching the specific breed of flower or plant, determining the best watering frequency, and going from there. 

All of Your Landscaping Care Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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