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Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy This Fall

atlantic maintenance group keep your trees healthy this fall

How do you keep your trees healthy this fall?

For the most part, your trees deserve a lot of tender love and care to ensure they maintain their health throughout the years. Eventually, the summer heat will finally subside, and the fall will begin. In reality, trees tend to signal the change of seasons so effortlessly.

Ultimately, preparing your trees for the cooler weather becomes increasingly essential for homeowners looking to ensure that all their trees can make it through the following year healthfully and successfully. Here are some helpful tips and tricks you can make today to keep your trees super healthy all through the fall season ahead.

Fertilizing Your Trees This Fall

As we creep into the fall season, proper soil fertilization becomes increasingly essential. In fact, to make sure that all your trees are getting the nutrients they need, applying a slow-release fertilizer becomes key. Also, you can’t go wrong with incorporating an excellent fertilizer into the mix regarding tree maintenance — particularly during the fall season. Moreover, having your soil effectively and efficiently fertilized can do wonders for the tree’s health throughout the year.

Freshening Up Your Mulch

There is nothing more beautiful than freshening up the mulch in your yard. In fact, high-quality mulch is essential to ensuring your tree grows strong and healthy for many years to come. The reality is that investing in quality organic mulch is key to providing much-needed organic matter to the soil all around the tree, properly conserving the moisture of the soil, and maintaining the optimal soil temperatures.

Overall, when you add fresh mulch to the mix, you can begin to quickly provide the vital nutrients that’ll allow your trees to grow effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, having the proper maintenance techniques in place to ensure that your trees grow strong and healthy becomes incredibly important for most homeowners — but it increases in importance as we head into the fall season with the cooler temps generally.

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