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Why Weed Control is Crucial for Your Property

Weed Control

Implementing weed control practices into your lawn care routines will help you keep your lawn beautiful all season long.

The weeds on your property are not your friends. They seem to appear out of nowhere and oftentimes refuse to go away. Weed control is important because the longer they are left unkempt, the harder it will be to eliminate them entirely. Not only do they suck the beauty out of your lawn and garden, but they can also impose a safety risk if herbicides are used incorrectly.

Weeds and Plants

Weeds and other plant life should not be treated the same. It is a good idea to consult a lawn care professional before using a herbicide. They will make consider things such as the method of application, other plant life in your yard and timing in order to recommend the correct herbicide. If you have other desirable plant life in the area you need to be using a herbicide that will only target the weeds. If herbicides are used incorrectly, you can end up harming healthy plants and grasses.

Weed Control Safety Measures

If you elect to go the herbicide route, you should be aware of the dangers. Small children and pets will be at risk after the herbicide is applied to your lawn. Everyone should stay clear of the treated areas for at least a day. The person who is applying the herbicide should also wear safety equipment such as protective clothing and goggles.


The sooner you address the weeds on your property the better off you will be. It is recommended that early spring is the best time to survey your lawn for weeds. You may decide to use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent future weeds. It is also a good time of the year to hand-pick weeds or do a spot treatment before those weeds germinate.

Weed Control from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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