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How to Weed Control Starting in Early Spring

weed control
Spring showers bring weed flowers like dandelions, so weed control needs to be done as early as possible.

Today marks one of the last days of February, and with gardens soon returning to full bloom in late March, a need for weed control is now back in full swing. Spring is the season of frequent rainstorms to let all of the flowers, trees, and plants know that it’s time to come out of dormancy for the new warmer weather. Unfortunately, this also applies to annoying weeds that tend to take up so much space from our wanted plants, flowers, and vegetable gardens. Weeds not only look ugly, but they also take up valuable nutrients and resources from the soil and sun from your other plants and grass. Here are some weed control tips you can start early to prevent your garden or lawn from becoming overrun by weeds come proper springtime. 

It’s All About Timing

Once the soil reaches a temperature of about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, weeds will begin to germinate underneath the ground. If the weather remains around this temperature or higher for one week, weeds will start to push through the soil. This means that it is essential to not only keep an eye on the weather outside but also the temperature of the soil. If both the climate and soil register over 50 degrees for one week, now is the perfect time to begin preparing for weed control. 

Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide to your Lawn or Garden

Once you have kept track of both the soil temperature and the weather, it is now the best time to lay down a pre-emergent herbicide. This herbicide works as a preventative measure to keep weed numbers low for the rest of the season using chemicals that prevent them from germinating any further. It is vital to use this product early in the season because it will have little to no effect on weeds that have already germinated. 

Make Sure to Frequently Mow for Weed Control

Probably the most effective form of early spring weed control is to start mowing the lawn as early as possible. Once the soil thaws out from the cold winter months, the grass will soon begin to regrow. Once the grass has grown back, and the soil is soft, start mowing at a higher level. This will allow for your desirable grass to grow back tall and strong. The healthier the grass is, the harder it will be for weeds to grow. 

All of Your Weed Control Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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