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Weed Control Tips Best Fit for Midsummer

atlantic maintenance group weed control
Weeds somehow always seem to pop up no matter how hard you try. This summer, fight back!

We’ve made it to the first weeks of July, and that means we have officially reached the beginning of the midsummer season. And, as all Marylanders know, some of the strangest weather patterns of the year. One hour it will be clear-skies and sunny, and the next hour it will be torrential downpouring. This sort of unpredictable weather can actually seriously affect your lawn. All of this interesting weather means that weed control will be extra important in the upcoming month. Even though most weed control is done in spring, some cleanup is needed throughout the midsummer because of the frequent summer storms. Take power over the weed situation this summer with these weed control tips!

Healthy Lawns Naturally Prevent Weeds

Pesky weeds always seem to grow in even the smallest bare patches of lawns. This is because weeds need a decent amount of sunlight to grow. If your lawn suffers from “dead patches,” this may be a sign of grass disease or fungal infection. Unfortunately, most weeds have evolved to bypass these sorts of diseases that affect grass, so if you notice a large patch of weeds and little wanted grass, you may want to consult a professional weed control landscaper about the situation. If you are more inclined to DIY, do some research into some possible causes of disease or poor growth. Sometimes the disease cannot be prevented, but many times something as simple as lack of fertilizer or improper irrigation can be the culprit.

Post Emergent Spray

Unfortunately, no amount of prepping for a weed-free summer will entirely eliminate the need for weed control. Uncontrollable factors like bird droppings can cause the spread of weeds in any unlucky yard. Luckily, post-emergent weed control sprays exist. This essentially functions similar to how a spot cleaner would work inside a home. Simply spray the affected area of the lawn with this weed-killing herbicide and wait until the weed dies. By doing occasional spot maintenance with post-emergent spray in the summer, you eliminate even more risk of even more annoying fall weed control since this is around the time when weeds spread their seeds. 

Avoid The Sprinkler in the Summer

Even though sprinkler systems seem to be a great way to keep your plants happy and hydrated this summer, they actually can make weed control harder. This is because midsummer has a lot of natural rain storms which can lead to overwatering. Weeds love lots of water, so for weed control purposes, avoid automatic sprinklers in the summertime. Instead, only use them during periods of drought. 

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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