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What Are The Benefits of Pruning Trees and Shrubs?

What Are The Benefits of Pruning Trees and Shrubs?
Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs help improve the plants’ health and beauty and can provide benefits to other aspects of your yard and garden.

As part of proper landscape maintenance, homeowners need to be pruning trees and shrubs when things start to look overgrown! Of course, a professional landscaping maintenance service can take care of this important task for you. Trimming and pruning trees and shrubs help improve the plants’ health and beauty and can provide benefits to other aspects of your yard and garden. Here are just three reasons to make sure you’re pruning your trees and shrubs in your landscape care routine.

Improve Plant Quality and Health

It’s a pretty standard move to remove dead, dying, diseased or otherwise unwanted branches from your trees and shrubs. Trimming back these leaves and branches can significantly improve your plant’s aesthetic quality and health. You don’t want dying or diseased portions of the tree spreading to the rest of the plant. Moreover, when a professional landscaper knows what they’re doing, they can actually trim the plant to discourage or encourage new growth. As such, your tree or shrub can grow back branches that are far healthier and fuller, if that’s your goal.

Maintain Manicured Landscape

Trees and shrubs make up enormous portions of one’s landscape, especially the vertical presentation. Therefore, it’s safe to say that maintaining the appearance of the trees, shrubs, bushes, and hedges are just as important as the lawn or garden. Pruning the trees and shrubs helps you prevent your landscape from looking overgrown or simply to achieve a desired look or shape with your trees. As always, a manicured landscape adds immense curb appeal and home value to your property.

Protect People and Property

Pruning trees and shrubs could be a matter of safety too. For starters, you would be cutting away branches that could cause harm if it fell on a person or your property. Some overgrown branches could be blocking peoples’ sightlines as they round a corner, which could be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers. Be careful not to let any branches cover any street signs or tangle with power lines. For some shrubs and bushes that grow near your home structure, keep these trimmed back as well. Branches and leaves that touch your foundation could be inviting pests or moisture problems.

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