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What Happens to Fertilized Lawns

What Happens to Fertilized Lawns

Fertilizing the lawn helps ensure that it grows stronger. What happens to fertilized lawns?

Fertilizing the lawn helps ensure that it grows stronger. After all, you never know when the next drought or heatwave will ruin your yard. Rather than dealing with a parched landscape, you will have access to the lawn that everyone else is jealous over.

In the Summer 

Since the summer season is here, let’s focus our attention there first. The blazing heat is unkind to any grasses you may have had planted for the cool season. Kentucky bluegrass will stop growing. Pests and insects will also come out of hiding and attempt to feast on your lawns. Feed and fertilization are the keys to fighting these pests off. Meanwhile, warm-season grasses start to flourish in the heat. They send out runners that help block the formation of weeds, so if that is one task you aren’t looking forward to, then you are probably breathing a sigh of relief right about now. 

In the Fall

Eventually, everything ends. Summer will give way to fall. Even then, you can continue to make sure that your lawn is fertilized. Once it goes dormant, nothing much happens. But that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage it to come back healthy when spring returns. This is when cool-season grasses thrive. During this time, your grasses are healing and preparing themselves for another growing season after the cold has gone away and the warmth has come back. Dealing with weeds growing is another problem that you will have to be vigilant against – but with professional help on your side, you won’t have anything to worry about after that. 

In the Spring

And now we come to the other part of the growing season. In the spring, your lawns will either grow happily or sadly wilt. New shoots start to pop up, but the root systems are still recovering from a long winter. Summertime weeds are starting to form as well. Once late spring arrives, the roots have taken hold and are strong enough for whatever comes next. 

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