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What to Know About Large Tree Removals

atlantic maintenance group large tree removals

Sometimes, large tree removals are ideal.

Large tree removals are often tricky and possibly hazardous, but even more so when the tree is confined or inaccessible. Even though it’s not simple and not a DIY job, it’s possible to remove a tree between two homes, eliminate a large tree from a small yard, and remove a tree in a narrow space.

What’s Considered a Confined Space?

A confined space is any place where it is difficult for crews and equipment to fit. Also, safe distances are essential on a job site for teams using heavy machinery and when the property is at risk from accidental damage. Common tight spaces where large tree removals occur include:

  • Small backyards
  • Close to power lines
  • Narrow spaces between buildings

When Should You Complete a Large Tree Removal?

Regular maintenance can be challenging if you have a tree growing in a hard-to-access space. Sometimes, large tree removals are ideal. Some reasons why a tree might need to go are related to a tree’s health and how it’s growing. Other reasons include:

  • Dying or dead tree
  • Rubbing tree branches
  • Roots in building foundations
  • Trees blocking access
  • Leaning trees
  • Hazardous trees

Remember not to plant trees in confined spaces. Ensuring your tree has plenty of room to grow will:

  • Prevent conflicts with utility connections
  • Allow your tree to grow without constant pruning to keep its branches clear of exterior walls
  • Ensure that even a tree species with invasive roots won’t grow into your site foundation

Why Large Tree Removals in Confined Spaces Are Dangerous

Large tree removals can be dangerous, but cutting down a tree between properties, in a small yard, or other confined spaces becomes more challenging. Let’s learn why this type of tree removal takes time and is often more expensive than other tree removal work.

  • When professional arborists work in a tight space and up near a building, damaging a roof, wall, or window may be easy.
  • Electrocution is possible when a tree’s branches are near power lines or those lines are in the way of tree-removal equipment.
  • When limited space around a tree, you can’t safely drop branches without risking damage.
  • Lastly, a crew may use a speedline when climbing a tree in a cramped space. This is to quickly move cut branches out of the way.

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