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When is the Ideal Time to Fertilize Your Residential Landscape in the Spring?

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So, when is the ideal time to fertilize your residential landscape in the spring?

Whether you have cool or warm-season grass depends on when you apply fertilizer in spring. Cool-season grasses are ideal for fertilizing your residential landscape in the fall when the growing season is at its peak. On the other hand, it’s vital to fertilize once active growth begins for warm-season grasses. So, when is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn in the spring? Fertilizing in mid to late springtime ensures healthy growth all season. Are you ready to start your spring landscaping project?

Manage Fertilizer with Care

Feeding your residential landscape with fertilizer is critical to a green, healthy appearance. It’s also essential to manage all fertilizers properly and safely. Before you begin, make sure you read and follow the package instructions. In addition, wear gloves and safety glasses while handling fertilizer since most types contain chemicals that can irritate your eyes and skin.

After applying the fertilizer, sweep any remaining granules from the walkways and wipe down your garden tools and shoe soles. Lastly, store unused fertilizer in a secure, dry place out of the reach of pets and children.

Consider Using Your Grass Clippings

Having a residential landscape signifies that you need the plan to handle grass clippings. Instead of tossing them in the garbage, you should utilize them. Did you know that grass clippings are a natural fertilizer, assisting lawns in growing lush and green? By leaving the grass clippings on the property after cutting, you can add necessary nitrogen to the soil and utilize the moisture stored in the clippings to help feed and water the freshly cut grass. You can also use grass clippings as compost to help provide various plants if you have a garden.

Compost Your Lawn with a Little Love

You could also add compost to enhance grass growth and appearance. Compost is decayed organic matter that makes plants grow. Integrating compost into your residential landscape can help enhance the soil’s condition, breaking up compacted areas and encouraging the growth of microorganisms. Moreover, you can make compost out of various kitchen scraps, cardboard waste, and grass clippings.

Look Into Overseeding

Have you considered overseeding your lawn if it looks patchy? Overseeding improves the lawn’s health and appearance without completely eliminating the grass to start over. This method can correct problems such as brown or bare patches or enable you to switch between warm and cool season grasses all year long.

To overseed your residential landscape, you must begin by preparing the ground. Additionally, mow the existing grass to a short height, and then rake the areas you want to seed to break up the soil. Then, add compost or enriched soil, water, and grass seed, and watch your new grass grow within the next few days.

All of Your Landscaping Needs from Atlantic Maintenance Group

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