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When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

When Is Tree Removal Necessary? Atlantic Maintenance Group
Something you want to keep in mind is that if the tree is 50% damaged, tree removal should be done immediately

Are trees getting in the way of the driveway? Sometimes, tree removal may be necessary when it comes to keeping up with your property. You may consider tree removal due to damage from a storm or if the roots from the tree are posing a severe threat to your home’s foundation and driveway. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some reasons why tree removal may be essential. 

What To Look For When Considering Tree Removal

Depending on the tree’s circumstances, you may or may not need to contact a tree removal service to come and take a look. For instance, if a large oak tree near your driveway is leaning a little too close to your garage, or maybe there are too many trees in one area of your landscape, you may want to consider getting the tree or trees removed. Additionally, here are some things to look out for when considering tree removal:

  • The tree’s bark is falling off the tree in sections around the trunk
  • Large branches from the tree are fallen off without the cause of a storm
  • Areas around the trees crown “leafy section” produces leaves later rather than other parts of the tree
  • You notice mushrooms or other fungi are growing at the base of the tree
  • You see piles of sawdust appear on the ground around the tree

Is the Tree Unhealthy?

Something you want to keep in mind is that if the tree is 50% damaged, tree removal should be done immediately. Even though a damaged tree can survive for many years, it will not have the capacity to grow and look as healthy as other trees.

Consider The History Of The Tree

You want to consider the history of the tree because it will help determine the health overall. For example, if a tree has been through “topping,” it can lead to damage to the tree’s health. Another factor to consider is the tree’s soil level and its change. If the soil level has changed, it could be a factor in declining the tree’s health. In general, you want to look out for all these factors when considering tree removal. 

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