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When It’s Time to Receive Cracked Concrete Repair Services

atlantic maintenance group cracked concrete repair services

When should you receive cracked concrete repair services?

It’s a fact of life that concrete cracks. Some cracks may not need attention, while others can lead to severe structural consequences. So, how can you tell the difference? It’s critical to inspect structural cracks to determine their significance accurately. Also, cracks in concrete may be caused by numerous factors. In many cases, there is uncertainty as to what to complete regarding cracks. Keep reading to learn when is the time to receive cracked concrete repair services.

Is Your Sidewalk Cracked or Sunken?

You likely have a trip hazard due to a crack in your sidewalk and should receive cracked concrete repair services. Minor cosmetic cracks may be cosmetic, or they can indicate that you’ll have significant issues like lifting or sinking sidewalk. Homeowners and businesses have previously tried eliminating sidewalk fall hazards through cement or concrete patching their sidewalks. This is never ideal and will likely lead to more problems and money spent.

Does Your Driveway Crack More than a Hairline Crack?

There are several reasons for concrete cracking, including normal settling, cracks due to water or poorly impacted soil, and other factors. So how do you know if you can fix the crack in your driveway? Quickly inspect the crack: is it a tiny crack, more of an annoyance than a tripping hazard? No signs of sinking or buckling? You might be able to fix it on your own. Otherwise, you should receive cracked concrete repair services from Atlantic Maintenance Group.

Do You Plan to Sell Your Home or Business?

If you plan to sell your home or business, you should never take a quick shortcut repair. Instead, you should contact a trained professional to perform the concrete repair. Besides appearances, significant sinking, cracks, or lifting of sidewalks or garage floors is a hazard that must be repaired before a property inspection occurs. If left unrepaired, it can negatively affect the property value. Why take that chance?

If you need clarification on whether your cracked concrete needs professional concrete repair or not, don’t wait and contact us today at 410-768-4720!

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