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Why Laying Sod Over Your Existing Lawn is Problematic

atlantic maintenance group Laying Sod Over Your Existing Lawn is Problematic

This article will explore why laying sod over your existing lawn is problematic.

You might be wondering how to place sod over your existing lawn, and it’s easy to see the appeal. After all, why should you go through the hassle of tearing up your old property when you can just place down a new one? However, there are serious issues with this approach. This article will explore why laying sod over your existing lawn is problematic.

Roots Don’t Make Contact with the Soil

While it might not be the answer you’d like to hear, the answer is no if you desire good results. One of the most vital reasons why laying sod over your existing lawn is problematic is that the roots of the sod won’t make contact with the soil beneath. This means the sod will have difficulty taking root and might eventually die.

To avoid this problem, you must ensure the roots of the sod are touching the soil. This process can be done by eliminating the old grass before laying the sod. This will aid your new sod in getting off to a successful start!

Drainage Problems

Unlike an established lawn, new sod has various drainage needs. If you lay sod down without preparing the soil first, the new sod will compete with the existing turf for water. As a result, this can lead to drainage issues and might eventually kill the new sod. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by removing any drainage obstacles, like roots or rocks.

Creates an Uneven Appearance

Another reason why laying sod over your existing lawn is problematic is that it can create an uneven appearance. This is because the result is visible height differences when the new sod is laid on top of the old grass. If your new sod survives, you will likely end up with a bumpy surface that will be hard to walk on or mow. Prepare the soil by eliminating your existing grass and laying the sod below the ground to avoid high or low spots. Consequently, the lawn will be very green, which is attractive to the eye and safer for regular use.

Of course, removing your existing lawn and laying new sod can be challenging, which is why you may want to get some assistance from Atlantic Maintenance Group! Our landscaping contractors can give you a beautiful lawn this spring. Call us today at 410-768-4720!

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