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Why Professional Lawn Care is the Way to Go in Maryland

Professional landscaping service in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware & Pennsylvania

Let the professionals do the dirty work, while you enjoy your spiced apple cider!

The perfect lawn is luscious, green, and beautifully landscaped at all times during the year. But no one has the time to spend on the hard work of maintaining that perfect lawn! Spend time with your friends and family this fall instead of working on your yard – it is time to call in the professionals!

Professional Will Save You Time

Weeding, seeding, raking, trimming, mowing – the list of landscaping maintenance tasks is endless. A professional landscaping and lawn care company handles all of that for you – their dedicated staff plans, schedules, and executes exactly what your lawn needs…with only a simple phone call from you. Never worry again about finding the time to make trips to the plant nursery or local hardware store.

Professionals Will Handle the Heavy Lifting

Landscaping is a labor-intensive job, and landscapers can find themselves out in all weather – rain, sun, cold, and damp. Professional landscapers are trained to handle lifting heavy bags of mulch and moving wieldy plants into their new homes. Let the professionals do the dirty work, while you enjoy your spiced apple cider!

Professionals Will Handle the Supplies

With professional services, you won’t need to worry about the cost or maintenance of lawn care equipment or supplies. Professional-grade mowers and aerators are expensive, and can require special maintenance to keep in top shape. Lawn care chemicals can be dangerous to purchase and store without specialized knowledge. Leave all that work to the professional, and save yourself the headache.

Interested in hiring a professional lawn care service?

Contact the Atlantic Maintenance Group. The Atlantic Maintenance Group is a full service landscaping company, providing maintenance, design and construction, as well as snow removal, asphalt and concrete services.

We are your source for complete landscape and facility maintenance for commercial and residential properties throughout Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware. We are a self-performing landscaping company, meaning we don’t hire subcontractors, and senior management is involved with every project. Our highly trained team of professionals receives constant, ongoing education on the latest industry trends, updates and safety measures. This ensures we can deliver outstanding customer service and results to our clients, regardless of the size of your job.

If you have any questions about outdoor lighting, or to get your free quote today, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website today.

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