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Why Tree Trimming is Imperative in the Summertime in Glen Burnie

atlantic maintenance group tree trimming

Tree trimming services in the summertime help maintain trees safe and healthy.

Summer is here, and your trees have endured the dormant months. As you view your lawn in Glen Burnie, you wonder if you should have done some tree pruning months ago. Tree trimming services in the summertime help maintain trees safe and healthy. Keep reading to learn its importance.

Tree Trimming Promotes Healthy Growth

There are circumstances where tree trimming in the summertime is unavoidable. If you have a fruit tree, you must keep it healthy by consistently thinning out the tree to enhance its fruit production. For instance, you may prune sap-producing hardwood trees in the summer months because the trees are not oozing with sap.

If you notice weak tree growth, prune your tree branches at least 3 inches from the tip of each leafy shoot. You may repeat the pruning in late summer if side shoots quickly grow. In addition, tree trimming for health reasons is fine despite the season.

Remove Any Nuisances on Your Tree

Climbing vines that grow on a tree might seem harmless. However, they become intrusive when left unattended. As a result, they can damage the tree’s structure. Also, these climbers grow faster in the summer months, and you should remove them. Remember that climbing vines also attract insects.

Moreover, calling your Glen Burnie tree-trimming specialist, Atlantic Maintenance Group, is imperative to remove damaged branches after a storm. The tree trimmer will know how to eliminate the branches and cut away splintered pieces adequately. Plus, call the power company first if the tree branches are near or touching power lines.

Enjoy the Shade in the Summer Months

Outside of these reasons to obtain local tree trimming services from us, you should wait until the dormant months to trim your trees. Fortunately, Atlantic Maintenance Group offers commercial tree services. Our Maryland tree experts can diagnose, eliminate, and treat the necessary problems to help safeguard your plants and ensure your property’s safety.

Receive your free quote for commercial tree services from Atlantic Maintenance Group, or call us at 410-768-4720 now! We can enhance your commercial or residential outdoor space!

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