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Why You Should Continue Mulching in the Fall

Why You Should Continue Mulching in the Fall

Since the weather is starting to cool off, you might not think that mulching is still important.

Since the weather is starting to cool off, you might not think that mulching is still important. That’s an easy mistake to make. Don’t let it fool you! Here is why you should continue to mulch even though summer has ended and fall is getting underway

The Advantages

In cooler weather, it’s easier to spend more time outside. Depending on what you’re doing, the strenuous activity won’t be as overwhelming as it is during the spring and summer. Just remember to stay hydrated. Even though you’re not sweating, you are still using up energy and when you stay hydrated, you feel more energetic. Try mulching in the fall and you can have a better time of it because you won’t get as hot and sweaty. Building up your garden should be fun and relaxing, not the opposite of that!

Mulching in the fall is also far less time-consuming. Everyone else will be busy focusing on their garden once spring comes back. Get a headstart on them instead! Plus, during the slower season that fall and winter present, more experts will be available to give you any help that you might need. They’ll also be able to spend more time with you and walk you through the types of problems you might encounter. Don’t do this all on your own! 

During the spring, shoots and bulbs will be popping out of the ground as flowers and other plants begin to bloom. This isn’t as much of a problem during the fall, which makes putting down layers of sod and mulch much easier! When you deal with the perennials now, you won’t have to worry about them as much once March is here.

You Can Have Fun in Your Garden

It is possible to have more fun in your garden this fall. Building up your landscapes and hardscapes will spark interest and envy on the part of your neighbors and you have a fantastic place to relax and work on some other hobbies, like photography. Winter will be here, so fit in all the fun you can before it gets too cold outside!

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