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Winterizing Your Lawn Mower

Gas-powered mowers and trimmers are subjected to a lot of wear and tear over the warmer months. This makes lawn mower care at both the beginning and end of the season integral to keeping their parts functional. These tips make winterizing lawn equipment simple.


Make sure your lawn mower is ready for Spring!

Empty The Gas Tank

Unused gas left in a mower during the winter has a tendency to get stale, which jams up the carburetor and can cause rust. To start, add some fuel to the stabilizer tank, then run the mower briefly. Turn off the mower and give the engine time to cool, then siphon the gas into a clean can so you can reuse it. Restart the mower and run it until it stops. Repeat this process until the engine doesn’t start and the fuel lines are empty.

Disconnect The Spark Plug

Before you do any other maintenance on your mower, it’s important that you disconnect the spark plug. This makes sure that the mower cannot kick-start accidentally. Accidents such as these can lead to serious injuries.

Take Out The Lawn Mower Blade

Removing the blade makes it easier to change the oil and clean the underside of the mower. First, detach the blade by unscrewing the bolts which keep it in place. Wear thick gloves to protect your hands. Sharpen the detached blade to ensure the best performance.

Drain The Oil

In mowers with 4-cycle engines, the oil needs to be changed. Use a pan and a tarp to catch any excess oil. Place the mower on its side with the air filter and carburetor facing upwards. Detach the oil reservoir plug and slowly tilt the mower. The oil will drain out and fall into the pan. Replace the plug when the oil has finished draining.

Clean The Undercarriage

Use a wire brush and putty knife to scrape off the debris caked on the mower deck. This helpful tip prevents rust, clogging, and allows the aerodynamics of the deck to work properly. Once the deck is clean, reattach the sharpened blade and turn the mower upright. Fill the oil tank with fresh SAE 30 or 30-weight oil.

Change The Air Filter

A dirty air filter keeps the engine from burning gas efficiently. Whether your mower has a paper filter or an oil-soaked sponge filter, it will need to be replaced or cleaned. Clear the cooling fans of debris by using a screwdriver or popsicle stick.

Replace The Spark Plug

Use a socket wrench with a spark plug socket to remove and replace the spark plug. The newer the spark plug is, the smoother your mower will run.

Lawn Mower Care Made Easy

These steps make winterizing lawn equipment quick and easy. For expert landscaping services, contact Atlantic Maintenance Group today.  Click here for a free quote, give us a call at 410-768-4720 or contact us via our website. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Google+.

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