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Choosing the Right Mulch for Your Yard

Consider Shredded Bark

Bark chips, otherwise known as shredded bark, have a specific purpose. In fact, this specific type of mulch is traditionally used to enhance perennial beds. The reality is, shredded bark will also be a great choice for people who have trees and shrubs in their yard as well. Ultimately, the main thing you’ll want to remember is that shredded bark should be kept away from any plant stems as they can be incredibly damaging. Bark will likely need to be reapplied every season or so to ensure the aesthetic is optimal but besides that, shredded bark can be quite low maintenance

Gravel And Stane Is An Option

These inorganic mulches can be a great option for people who need mulch to help their landscape stand out. In fact, many people opt to enhance their yard landscape with gravel and stone. These options are best for perennial beds — specifically gravel mulch — as it typically drains soil extremely well which perennials enjoy very much.

Dry And Untreated Grass Clippings

Organic mulch like dry and untreated grass clippings can be a great mulch option for many homeowners. In fact, when applied in very thin layers, this type of mulch is traditionally used to help conserve water by keeping the soil moist. The reality is, dry, untreated grass clippings are best utilized to prevent weeds from ruining your landscape design. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, optimizing your landscape is key for many homeowners beginning the process of a landscape design. In fact, ensuring they are equipping their lawn with the proper mulch for their purposes can make a massive difference in their landscape design overall. 

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