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Fall Lawn Care Tips

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Caring for your lawn during fall is extremely important, as your lawn prepares to go dormant for the winter. Follow these fall lawn care tips to make the most of the season last before winter begins.

  • Fertilizing

    Fertilizing during the fall will provide an added boost of nutrients that will be stored and used during winter dormancy. The roots of your grass will continue to grow throughout the winter, and rely on this stored food to make it until spring. Fall is also the ideal season to aerate your lawn, to encourage the absorption of nutrients and oxygen and combat grass compaction from summer traffic.

  • Seeding

    If your lawn is beginning to thin from heavy use during summer, consider reseeding or power seeding. Power seeding during fall will increase the thickness of your turf and improve the health and look of your lawn, for a lush green in spring. A thick turf is also the best natural defense against weeds and insects.

  • Leaf Removal

    Keeping your lawn free from leaves doesn’t only look better, it helps keep your lawn healthy. Leaves block vital sunlight, which is essential during fall as your lawn stores up food and nutrients for the winter. Rake or blow your lawn free of leaves at least once a week.

  • Winterization

    Some trees and shrubs can experience extreme loss of moisture over winter. With the application of special oils and other winterization treatments, you can ensure the health of your landscape through the harsh winter.

Don’t wait until spring. Fall is the ideal time to get your lawn healthy before winter hits. Atlantic Maintenance Group can provide a free quote for fall lawn treatment.
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