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Winter Lawn Care Tips

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It can be tempting to ignore your lawn and landscape as the chill of winter sets in. But there are steps you can take to keep your landscape healthy all year round, starting with these winter lawn care tips.

  • Tree Care

    Winter is the ideal season to prune your trees. This can encourage new growth and added fruit production during the spring growing season. Take advantage of the winter months to give your trees some added attention.

  • Winterizing Mowers

    If you haven’t yet winterized your lawn mower, it’s not too late to have a professional do a check up and tune your mower for the coming mowing season. Maintaining a properly functioning mower with sharpened mower blades ensures an evenly cut yard. This not only looks best, but can prevent diseases and weeds, and improve the overall health of your turf.

  • Snow Mold

    As winter ends and snow begins to melt, snow mold can be a threat to your lawn. This fungus develops in cold wet weather, but can be treated with a special fungicide.

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